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      Greetings, my name is Charlie Aabø.

      I am an American-trained Norwegian freelance cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. I graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. in New Jersey, USA, where I was later invited back to teach for two years.

      This web-site showcases most of the work I have done during my 15 year-career.

      So please, click around the portfolio, 'cause that's where all the goodies are. Enjoy.


News & Updates
05.05.09. - Finally starting to add some of the work that's "missing" from my portfolio.
April 09. - NEW Design...
March 08. - Trying to do updates everywhere but most noticeable is the updates in Charlie's American Pizza and Mascots.
19.09.07. - Another SMALL update in Charlie's American Pizza.
21.08.07. - SMALL update in Charlie's American Pizza.
14.10.06. - MAJOR update started. Will be completed... soon. But for now, quite a bit new stuff in the portfolio. 

21.09.06. - My comic books starring JON PAY PI can now be purchased at DriveThruComics.(hit banner on right)

14.06.06. - FINALLY, after three months, some updates to the CHARLIE'S AMERICAN PIZZA work. Enjoy!!
29.03.06. - MAJOR updates to RESTURANTE WORK.
21.03.06. - More mascots added.
18.02.06 - Mascots updated: Troll and makrell added (FINALLY).
22.01.06 - Site Launched.

"Never stop drawing till the drawing's done!!"
Charlie, 2006