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Here are links to some people I have work for or with, whose work I admire or friends. Some of these guys meet all three categories...

Dead Monkey Studios

The Creative Studio I was honored to be part of. At present time, the studio as a whole is inactive but each member is still pursuing his own art-careers.

A fantastic colorist and all-round illustrator/cartoonist. Long time friend and critic.
The dungeons of Rob Román, creator of worlds. In layman terms: writer, cartoonist and animator-extraordinaire.
Comic-book publishers

The publisher of the comic "The Forgotten" for wich I did some inking.
The norwegian publisher of my comic JON PAY, P.I. and a slew of some really GREAT norwegian comics. (Site in norwegian.)
Design Companies
The company that is nice enough to pay me to create characters and THEN actually makes COSTUMES out of them!!! Sometimes I love my job. I think they do other stuff too, so go check them out. (You can see some of the characters I have created for them HERE).